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Strip Lines

  • 20.000 tons / year Polyolefin raw material usage
  • It's all about automatic gravimetric dosing units to achieve 1/1000 precision tapeable.
  • All extruders are with Gear Pump to achieve even pressure on the head.
  • Related to the thickness measurement of all taping and automatic thickness adjustment operation
  • 2000 mm line width
  • 8-cylinder fixing content

Circular Weaving

  • Circular Weaving Looms (67 looms)


Should be covered up to 240 cm wide (4 lines) associated with;

  • Automatic Thickness Adjustment Unit
  • Fabric Surface Vacuum Cleaning Units, so called CCP
  • One of the final coating lines is reserved for food coating. pharmaceutical grade fabrics
  • The line is surrounded by special walls and 'positive compressed and filtered air' & rsquo; flows into that room

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